Trip Hop Music


Trip Hop is a form of electronic music that emerged during the 1990s. This style of music has its origins inside of the U.K. It evolved from subsets such as Acid House. Trip Hop as a music form really took off in Bristol and this music formed emerged when the media started to dub it the Bristol Sound.

Jamaican musicians had initial influences on the music but this genre is not often associated with Jamaican music in general. There were a group of DJs in Bristol at the time who were known as the Wild Bunch and they too helped to push the genre into the mainstream.

The music form is a blend of hip hop music and electronica music. Both of these sounds are merged together until they form a homogenous blend. Other elements of Trip Hop include R&B, EDM and dub beats. Jamaican dub music and downtempo music are often infused within this genre as well.

Some versions of Trip Hop include thought provoking lyrics that have a sensual and deep feel. The music is often fused with rap, trance and smooth sounds. Females vocals are often used in the music and it is blended with jazzy sounds as well. Sometimes, scratching can be included as well.

Trip Hop as a music form has broken into the mainstream within the past. Some of the biggest stars of this genre include Massive Attack, Bjork, Bowery Electric, Sneaker Pimps and Queens of the Stone Age. Some of the major artists within the world that has been influenced by genre includes Janet Jackson, Madonna and Nine Inch Nails.

Trip Hop still continues to be a successful music form as a whole. Some of the earlier acts, such as Massive Attack, are still performing Trip Hop songs with success in modern times. Trip Hop music has gained a foothold in many European cultures and still continues to entertain the masses.